Hearing devices and in-ear accessories are no longer just for the average individuals in need of assistance in daily conversations and transactions. Today, in-ear products and accessories are popular among professionals who work in the music industry. Since sound perception and music appreciation are critical in this industry, many musicians and professionals rely on in-ear products and accessories to perceive and appreciate the sounds.

From Custom-Fit to Universal-Fit Earphones

Westone offers a long list of earphones and related in-ear products that can meet different customer requirements. The company offers both custom-fit and universal-fit headphones and earphones, and hearing protection devices for music industry professionals.

There are multiple categories of products under the Westone brand that include the CR10 premium musician’s earpiece and the different styles such as the Pilots Style 19, the Communications Style 32, the Multipurpose Style 40, the Low Noise Style 42 and the Musicians Style 49.

Custom series for pros and consumers are also available in the Elite Series (ES), including ES10, ES20, ES30 and ES50. And for medical professionals, the E-Scope II Amplified Stethoscope (with BTE option) is available.

Westone ES50: Premium In-Ear Monitor for the Serious Music Enthusiast

The ES50 is the top-of-the-line model, developed for the professional audiophile. This model comes with five expertly tuned armature drivers (1 low, 2 high and 2 mid) for smooth and detailed sounds.

Other Westone Custom Elite Earphones

Other earphone models are also available which can work for the busy professionals looking for crisp and clear sounds. The most basic model is ES10, an in-ear monitor that boasts a single driver but, capable of producing high-quality sounds.

All Westone in-ear monitor and products are powered by the same technologies and standards that made Westone a leading brand. All custom Westone products feature balanced armature, use of SLED technology and use of true-fit technology.