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Phonak Virto Singapore

Small in size, packing an audible performance. Each Phonak Virto hearing aid is designed to meet the specific requirements of the person, and constructed to easily fit into the ear canal in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Designed for Those Looking for Individualized Performance

The Phonak Virto easily fits into the canal, and provides the user with confidence and comfort throughout the day. It automatically detects the listening environment, and adjusts appropriately to provide the person with the clearest hearing environment to savor the music or understand the speech. When used in concerts and plays, it allows an optimal appreciation of music, not the noises produced in the area. And since it’s designed to be small, the Phonak Virto becomes a discreet hearing aid solution that works.

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Custom Hearing Aid for Better Speech Recognition

Each Phonak Virto is custom-made to address specific hearing requirements. It will comfortably fit in the ear canal, and works discretely so you can fully appreciate the conversations. It can work in an office environment, or when interacting with friends since the Phonak Virto is self-adjusting. You will find no other hearing aids in the market that efficiently balance size, aesthetics and performance in any listening environment.

Phonak Virto V-nano

Phonak Virto V-10

Phonak Virto V-10 NW O

Phonak Virto V-312

Phonak Virto V-10 O

Phonak Virto V-13

Choose the Right Hearing Solution, Today

Choose from among the six models of Phonak Virto V shown above, and put an end to your hearing loss. A hearing professional can provide you guidance on the best model and performance suited for your needs.