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Tympanometry Singapore

There are various reasons for a hearing loss, such as bone growth, tumors, blockages, and injury. The main cause of the loss can be determined by performing hearing tests like tympanometry. With a tympanometry screening at The Hearing Centre, you will know the main cause of your hearing loss as well as get recommendations for the right hearing aids you will need.

The tympanometry test. the audiologist can help to determine if there is fluid in the middle ear, find out if there are any kind of damage caused to the eardrum or if there is a buildup of wax.

Performing the tympanometry test is simple: air is pushed into the ear canal under pressure, making the eardrum move back and forth – exactly how the ear functions when you are hearing something loud. The test will let you know the exact mobility of the eardrum, with the reports of the test given in the form of tympanograms graphs.

What Tympanometry Checks For

The tympanometry test is useful to find out various details about your ear, such as:


Whether there is a tear in the eardrum


Reveal if your eardrum is moving too fast


Check for infections in the middle ear

The entire test will take only a few minutes and can be done easily while you are relaxing in a chair.

If you are facing any kind of problems with your hearing, get a tympanometry test done for yourself at The Hearing Centre.

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