The Must-Knows of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is becoming more common among children as well as adults in the modern age. More and more complaints are coming in from individuals with regards to their hearing. Most of the complaints come from people who are influenced by living a loud lifestyle, constantly surrounded by noise. According to experts and audiologists, several myths tend to exist around ear health and loss of hearing. This blog will burst most of them. The facts are below:

1. Hearing loss can occur at any age

It’s not only that elders experience loss of hearing. The myth that hearing loss occurs only to older people generally leaves most of those suffering from hearing impairment undiagnosed. No matter the age, there is a possibility of hearing loss and a separate experience with hearing impairment at a different level. Children can be born with hearing disabilities, some of them can experience hearing loss after certain illnesses and some can experience it after having been exposed to loud noise constantly.

2. Hearing loss is not always a genetic issue

Hearing loss being a genetic disorder has the lowest rate. Some people experience hearing loss from birth and some acquire it over time. Hearing loss experienced due to the damage caused by damage to the inner ear or nerve from the ear to the brain is the most common form of hearing loss that can happen to any person irrespective of age or genetic disorder.

3. Hearing aids are the most convenient forms of treatment

Even though hearing aids do not reverse or cure hearing loss, it will help to slow down the process of hearing loss. Hearing aids are designed and programmed according to every individual’s specific hearing needs which makes them one of the most versatile and accessible forms of treatment available to people experiencing hearing impairments.

4. Listening at a loud volume isn’t the solution for people experiencing hearing loss

Not necessarily that anyone experiencing hearing needs people screaming around them so they can hear. It in fact calls for embarrassment. There are various solutions that audiologists have to keep their hearing smooth.

5. Hearing aids are expensive

Hearing aids are available in the market with a wide range. Each of them holds different characteristics and have their own performance pace. With the help of an audiologist, you can find the most suitable hearing aid that suits your right at an affordable price.

All in all, hearing loss can be experienced by any individual at any age. If you are suffering from one, you don’t need to worry because we have special care for you. If you have the slightest worry of acquiring hearing loss or living with one, get in touch with us instantly because we at The Hearing Centre are there for you.

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