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Testimonials From Our Hearing Aid Users

Testimonials from our customer is our greatest honour! It is our report card from our satisfied customer affirming our performance, quality, and value of our product and service.  Hear it from our customer, nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you! Read these snapshot testimonials from our hearing aid users and learn how our products change lives for the better!

From Ms Margaret Ong;  

I’m very glad to have found The Hearing Centre, until today they are still giving me top-notch service.

From Father of Yang J.X;  

I went to The Hearing Centre and met up with Ms Brenda Fu, who recommended this pair of Phonak hearing aids. After wearing the hearing aid, my son has had great improvement … when we talk to him now, his response and attention has improved a lot. Thank you!

From Mdm Thong M.K:

I really thank Ms Fu from The Hearing Centre for helping me to hear again.

From Ms Meena;

After using hearing aid, life became more easy: I was able to hear when somebody talked softly.

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From The Hearing Centre;

In memory of our dear customer, the late Ms. Teresa Hsu, aged 113 years and was Founder of the Home for the Aged Sick.

Thanks for your undying support for the less fortunate. We are blessed to be able to serve you.

Ms Teresa Hsu with Ernest at The Hearing Centre

Ms Teresa Hsu with Ernest at The Hearing Centre

Debbie Brells’s mother, Mrs Dorothy Strockbine (on the left) with Ernest at The Hearing Centre

From Debbie Brells;

Shortly after relocating to Singapore, my 83-year old mother, Dorothy Strockbine, visited us from United States. It didn’t take us long to realize that, unfortunately, her hearing had deteriorated substantially.  For reasons she couldn’t explain she wast’t comfortable going to a hearing specialist. Seeing how her hearing loss was robbing her of the simple things in life, I took it upon myself to contact Ernest Poh at The Hearing Centre and scheduled an appointment. I will admit my mom wasn’t very happy with me that morning, but her demeanor instantly changed the minute she met Ernest. His “bedside office manner” was that of a saint – he spoke to her in a way she understood, and her anxieties were immediately alleviated. My mom was totally receptive to his recommendations, and she left his office truly looking forward to getting her new hearing aids in a few days. When we returned, the hearing aids fit and operated perfectly with no adjustments necessary. She left The Hearing Centre being able to hear things she’d been missing for years.

As a daughter, this has to one of my greatest gifts to her.

Tara with Ms Indu at The Hearing Centre

Frederick & Ting’s daughter, Tara (on the right) with Ms Indu at The Hearing Centre

From Frederic and Ting;

Our experience with The Hearing Centre clearly stands out from the other audiologists we called or met in Singapore. Our daughter is very active, to say the least. Saying she talks constantly, shouts or sing even, and jumps all around would be a closer description. Very calmly, patiently, and compassionately, Ernest, Stephen and Ms Indu, took the time to help Tara with the trial of her old device, and the selection and tuning of a new one. They took the time to describe to us the various device we could consider. They were very helpful and offered to let us try one of the device as well. And when, likely due to harsh school recess treatment, one of the molds detached from the tube, they first made an emergency repair, then ordered another one for us. Beyond the call of duty, Stephen volunteered to discuss with us speech challenges our daughter is having, and recommended us a few speech therapists to address speech these issues.

Big thanks to Ernest, Stephen and Ms Indu for treating us like family. We will back, again and again.

I have been hearing impaired in both of my ears over the last five years. Only upon the incessant nagging of my son did I seek the help of an audiologist. As I was searching the internet, I came across The Hearing Centre’s website with a list of testimonies which spoke so well of their services. Of course most websites would say good things of their services. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. After my experience, I hope anyone who has this same problem, will be able to chance upon my testimony and search no further. Over the years my quality of life diminished and it affected not only my work, but also my social life and my loved ones with whom I have to interact daily. My speech was also affected. Ernest, I want to thank you very much for addressing all these, my problems. You listened intently with your heart and it is only because of your professionalism and the way you handled my matter, that I am today wearing a pair of Phonak hearing aids. My quality of life has certainly improved a hundred fold. I look forward to attending my training, meetings and all social functions and everyday is like a new beginning for me. I was even able to hear the birds singing.The priest giving his homily and the news over the TV (without having to turn the volume to suit me). Your service is impeccable and you certainly love your job and you treat your customer before yourself. I am confident that I will be able to enjoy wearing these hearing aids for a long time and that you will always be there for me as I know that your services does not end after a sale. God bless and thank you!

Margaret Ong

Financial Adviser

Dear Ernest, My mother had come on a short visit to Singapore in January 2010. Her place of residence is in Geneva Switzerland. After several years of trying out different products for her hearing, we stumbled upon your hearing centre, and I am glad we had done so. Following various tests conducted by you, my mother decided to finally purchase a hearing product from you. This came about following several discussions with you. In addition it was a big advantage from your side to have allowed my mother to try out a hearing aid for a week or so, to enable her to make a decision. This is service. We had in the meantime tried other centers, but the service and care you had provided was best of all. I am happy to report that my mother is now an active social participant in our family gatherings and her life has definitely changed since her purchase of the Audina hearing aid. Thanks again and best regards Hadi (on behalf of Mary Ismail)


Daughter of Ms Mary Ismail

I have been looking for a good hearing consultant for my father, who is in his late eighties. My father is very particular about the hearing aid he uses and the services he receives. I’m very glad that I found Mr. Ernest Poh of The Hearing Centre. Mr. Poh is very skillful in hearing assessment and recommendation of hearing aid. Not only that, Mr Poh truly listens to his customer. He is able to address the concerns my father has – even allowing my father to test 2 different models of hearing aids at home for a week before deciding if he would like to buy the hearing aid from Mr. Poh. During the setting of the hearing aid to fit my father’s hearing condition, Mr Poh and his assistant have accompanied my father to shopping area (noisy area) to make sure my father is comfortable with the setting. I’m impressed with the extra mile that Mr Poh takes in service delivery. My father is very happy with Mr Poh’s service and the new hearing aid fitted by him.

Mrs Jane Lim

Dear Hearing Centre, I would like to compliment Mr. Ernest Poh for the excellent customer service that we consistently received during our visits to your hearing centre at Takashimaya Office Tower for the last few years. My mother suffers from severe hearing loss, and we have tried many different hearing aids over the years but with no satisfactory results. When we visited Ernest for the first time, he was kind enough to let us try to Phonak brand of high-powered hearing aids. After a few days, we decided to go ahead to purchase it. Besides the advanced audio technology in the product, we were wowed by Ernest’s professional expertise and soft skills. Ernest was also very kind and very patient with us, as from time to time, we needed repeated visits to fine-tune and to educate my mum on the best use of the hearing aid. While the current hearing aid is still serving her needs well, I’m sure that we’d return to purchase the latest model from Ernest when the time comes to replace it. Best Regards,

Mr K.T. Ang

Son of Mdm Tan Wan Bio

To All Looking for Hearing Aids, Mr. Ernest Poh at the Hearing Centre has been an amazing “breath of fresh air!” Not only was he able to take all the guesswork out of buying a difficult purchase, but his service rendered was simply the best I’ve experienced here in Singapore! I had a particularly difficult task of convincing my mother-in-law that it was, in fact, time to get hearing aids. We all knew she needed them, but Mother had not been impressed with even the high-end hearing aids presented to her in the hospital. Therefore, she was very reluctant to go and try new ones. However, at the Hearing Centre, they worked together with me to find a great solution. I simply had to bring in the hearing test results from the hospital, and Mr. Poh skillfully fitted the hearing aids to match her results. After that, I could present them to my mother-in-law as a gift she simply could niot refuse! My mother-in-law was thrilled with the clarity and distinction of the new sounds around her. The hearing aids were simple enough that I could explain to her how to use them after a short briefing instruction at the Hearing Centre, and she used them everyday for 2 weeks before she herself went into the Centre to exoress how satisfied she was with them. It has been very refreshing to do business with such a warm-hearted professional who was willing to work with us, being very sensitive to the needs and feelings of the elderly. My mother-in-law too, was extremely grateful for the increased quality of living she’s now enjoying. All because Mr. Poh was willing to go way beyond the extra mile to make sure my mother-in-law had the best hearing aids our money could afford. Our only regret was that we hadn’t met him sooner! Thanks again Mr. Poh, and all the staff at the Hearing Centre! Sincerely, One Satisfied Customer

Mrs Amy Nedungadi

Being hearing impaired, I have had experiences with audiologists both in the private and public sectors. As a doctor who knows slightly more about the human hearing mechanism, I naturally would have expected more from the audiologists and the hearing aids. Whenever I complained of the hearing aid over the telephone, Ernest would promptly arrange a home visit to fix my problems to my satisfaction. Ernest is really a very patient professional. His advice is always ethical and not profit-oriented, and I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone who needs to consult a good hearing professional.

Dr Loh Kum Fong

Retired General Physician

Mr Charlie Chan with Ernest at The Hearing Centre

Mr Charlie Chan (on the right) with Ernest at The Hearing Centre

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