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Sirion Hearing Aid 

If you are looking for a hearing aid that will be comfortable to use and hide behind your ears, then the Signia hearing aid will be apt for you. The Sirio hearing aid also provides reliable performances for a long period of time.

The device can be customized to fit your personal hearing needs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits listed below.

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Benefits Of Signia Sirion 2 Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids


The device will fit comfortably with its discreet design


The device has an automatic directional microphone that will improve your speech understanding by letting you concentrate on a person while reducing sounds from other directions


There won’t be any whistling or buzzing sounds in the ears due to its excellent feedback cancellation feature


It has a nanocoated housing feature that will protect the device from moisture, perspiration, dust, and dirt, with protective membranes to prevent dirt and dust from entering the microphones


Handling the device is simple and its controls are extremely convenient, allowing you to manage the settings of the device as per your preference


The touchControl App will let you adjust the controls of the device manually through your Android or iOS phones

Sirion 2 with Earhook

Sirion 2 with Lifetube

Have a relaxed and reliable listening experience with the Signia Sirion behind-the-ear hearing aids.