Signia Xperience is the world’s first hearing aids with acoustic-motion sensors that enhances your hearing delivering an experience that is natural. Signia Xperience personalizes your hearing aids based on what matters to you. Driven  by a smart-chip and operating system boosts the sound processing and gives a smooth experience.

The next generation of BestSound Technology

We continue to raise the standard of Soundability™, drawing inspiration from the healthy auditory system. There are good reasons why we have two ears. Binaural hearing increases loudness, enhances clarity, and gives sound added richness and superior quality. But the benefits of binaural hearing deteriorate with age and hearing loss.

Binax, the next generation of BestSound® Technology, simulates the effects of binaural hearing and brings these advantages back to the wearer. It is so powerful that for the first time, wearers with a well-fit pair of Carat™ binax, Carat A binax, or Pure® binax hearing instruments can understand speech in demanding environments even better than people with normal hearing.*

Ultimate discretion. Clear sound.

Small in size, big in performance: Some Insio™ models are so tiny that they are almost invisible when worn. Yet they are packed with outstanding features to provide you with exceptional sound quality. Insio’s binaural directionality enhances speech recognition so you can fully enjoy your conversations even in demanding environments with a lot of background noise. And like all of our binax models, Insio accomplishes this with the industry’s lowest battery consumption.*

Hearing that is more precise than ever.

Immerse yourself in conversations without a second thought. With Insio’s directional microphones you can focus precisely on speech coming at you from the front, back, or either side. Even better, Insio’s features adjust automatically as you change environments, such as when going from the car into a crowded mall.

Discretion meets a new dimension of hearing.

Whatever’s going on around you, you shouldn’t have to miss out on a thing: So small that it is barely noticeable behind your ear, Pure™ offers an outstanding binaural hearing experience, sophisticated features and an elegant design. Two independent clinical studies have proven that you may even be able to hear better than people with normal hearing in especially difficult listening situations like parties.

Pure’s advanced technology delivers exceptional sound quality together with versatile features that help you enjoy the sound of life. Whatever you’re planning.

Pure offers:

  • A superior binaural listening experience
  • Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control
  • A tinnitus noiser to help manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
  • Advanced BestSound™ Technology
  • Directional microphones to help you to focus on conversation
  • Convenient rechargeability for hassle-free handling