Signia: Manufacturing Hearing Aids; Developing Confidence

A world-class hearing aid brand that transforms your weakness into your biggest strength

Signia: The History Behind

The world’s one of the leading hearing aid brands, Signia, came into existence in the year 1878.  With years of commitment, dedication, and handwork, Signia has been able to present some of the cutting-edge solutions in the hearing industry.

One of the significant reasons behind the brand’s immense success is its notion to refuse hearing loss as a limitation, but gaining an edge over it. The company has always leaned on the principles of improvement unless the brilliance is met. And the result is, Signia is pioneering the hearing aid industry with its audiologically advanced solutions.

Bringing In Some Of The Smallest Yet Powerful Hearing Aids In The Market

Committed To Giving A Never-Before Hearing Experience

Signia Silk X

Silk X

Don’t try to compare its discreet size with its capabilities! Although it’s small in size, gives the most natural hearing experience a hearing aid can ever give.

Some of the Key Advantages Of Signia Silk X includes:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Fits In The Ear Just Perfectly
  • Do not reveal your hearing impairment due to its small size

Some of the Key Features of Signia Silk X includes:

  • 20% smaller in size as compared to its predecessors
  • Red and Blue Color Codes to distinguish the hearing aids
  • Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing
  • Silicone Click sleeves for a precise fit
Pure Charge Go X

Pure Charge&Go X

Experience Signia! The Pure Charge&Go X brings the crystal-clear sound straight to your ears. Other than this, it is tailored specifically to fit your needs.

Some of the Key Advantages Of Pure Charge&Go X includes:

  • Brings the Ultimate Charging Abilities to the desk
  • Understands your environment and filters sound that’s important to be heard by you.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to stream calls, and music.
Signia Pure 312 X

Pure 312 X

If you want to go unnoticed about your hearing disability, Signia’s Pure 312 X is the solution for you. Its small size would not let your loss be the hurdle in your life.  It is the smallest yet most effective Hearing Aid for a tailored hearing experience.

Some of the Key Advantages Of Pure 312 X includes:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Highly Comfortable
  • Unnoticeable