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Signia Insio Singapore

The Signia Insio is an amazing tailor-made hearing aid, which can hardly be visible to others. The device is extremely small in size, but is built with loads of wonderful functions. It is available in four different models, which are in-the-ear, in-the-canal, invisibly-in-canal, and completely-in-canal. You can select any of them depending on your choice.

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Features Offered By Signa Insio

The device is available in four models that can be customized as per your requirements. So, you can be assured to receive the device that fits you perfectly

The premium wireless connectivity of the device will provide absolute convenience to control it

A windscreen has been provided in the device, which will suppress annoying wind noises

In-the-ear model has directional microphones, while in-the-canal models have two-microphones. Both microphones will provide excellent binaural hearing experience so that you can focus on the conversations

The completely-in-canal model has enhanced binaural OneMic directionality that offers superior speed understanding

Tinnitus function is inbuilt in the device that will manage the ringing sound in the ears and improve hearing

A vent has been provided in the instrument so that you have the best ear ventilation

Insio In-The-Ear

Insio In-The-Canal

Insio Completely-In-Canal

So, use the Signia Insio hearing aid that can automatically adjust itself to your personal hearing preferences over time.