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Hearing Aids For Children 

Youngsters with hearing problems can look forward to the latest technologies available from Signia to help them fully enjoy their growing up years with their family and friends. Offering different types and styles of hearing aids in a colourful selection, these Signia hearing aid products are specially made for children and are available from The Hearing Centre.

Wide Range Available

Signia has been providing hearing aid products for over 140 years and manufactures a wide range of products that include behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing devices. Read on to find our more about the different Signia hearing devices that are available specifically to help children hear better.

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Children Hearing Aids

A selection of hearing aid products are available from Signia that are suitable for children, teenagers and youths, helping our little ones to enjoy and get more out of life.

Click on one of the following child-friendly products from Signia to find out more:

• Aquaris • Carat A • Motion M • Motion P
• Motion SA • Motion SX • Nitro • Pure

Signia hearing aid can help your child to have a complete experience as she grows up. Contact the professional experts at The Hearing Centre to schedule a hearing test for your child and to determine the best hearing aid she needs.