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Signia BTE Hearing Aids

The Signia brand offers durable and high-quality devices to solve all your ear-related problems. Tinnitus management options and battery recharging system are some of the amazing features of their devices. We at The Hearing Centre are aware of the benefits of using Siemens hearing aids, and offer these premium products manufactured by Siemens.

Types Available

Signia has been offering innovative hearing solutions for more than a century. They provide tailored solutions to cater individual needs of children as well as adults. Their hearing instruments will not only suit your hearing but even your lifestyle. There are three types of hearing aids available: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear and receiver-in-canal. Read on for more about what the benefits you can get from a Siemens behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.

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Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Whether you are suffering from mild hearing loss or a major one, you can make use of the BTE hearing aids. They are available in numerous sizes so depending on your needs, you can purchase one for yourself. The most important feature of this device is that they offer several directional microphone systems that can improvise your understanding of speech in noisy areas.

Click on one of the following BTE products from Signia to find out more:

• Aquarius • Intuis 2 • Life • Lotus
• Motion • Nitro • Orion 2 • Sirion 2
Ear care is of utmost importance and if you think that you are suffering from hear loss then you should consult The Hearing Centre right away and get the right hearing aid that has been created with the latest technology.