Hearing Implants

Hearing Implants

Servicing and adjustment of hearing aids, Repairs & Adjustment.

Hearing Implants in Singapore

What Are Hearing Implants?

Hearing implants are processes that small complex devices that enable individuals with hearing losses. The implants bypass damaged areas of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. An implant consists of an external portion that is behind the ear. Hearing implants improve the quality of hearing ability when an individual is not able to receive enough benefit from the hearing aids.

Other Services

    • Real-Ear Measurements

      Real-Ear Measurements

      Our audiologists at the Hearing Center provide facilities on ear measurements to verify the level of hearing aids used by the individuals.

    • Hearing Test

      Hearing Test

      At the Hearing Centre we work closely with individuals to help them understand the type and degree of hearing problems they have and become a companion with them on the path towards better hearing.

    • Repairs & Adjustments

      Repairs & Adjustments

      At the Hearing Center we take utmost care of your hearing aids whether they have aged out or being exposed to any external environmental factor, physical damage or excessive wax.