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ABR or Auditory Brainstem Response is a reliable hearing test that is significantly different from traditional auditory tests.

Hearing Test: ABR/ASSR

ABR, or Auditory Brainstem Response and ASSR, or Auditory Steady State Response, are reliable hearing tests that are significantly different from traditional auditory tests like Pure Tone Audiometry and Tympanometry. The ABR tests are particularly useful for newborn babies, young adults or elders who do not have the ability to properly communicate their responses during traditional hearing tests. For example, an adult patient with a head injury is likely to require ABR test to assess any hearing loss.

In the ABR test, the child or adult does not have to respond to sounds actively through a press of a button or raising their hands. In addition, they need not be awake while the test is being performed, with newborn babies typically given an anesthetic so that they stay relaxed while the test is being conducted.

The ABR test is a very safe test – no discomfort will be faced by the patient during the entire process. The entire test is done within 2 hours and the patient can get back to their normal routine immediately after.

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