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From hearing diagnostic tests, consultation, and counseling, hearing aid fitting, to hearing aid services and maintenance, The Hearing Centre Singapore provides a wide range of hearing solutions for individuals experiencing hearing loss.

Our expert team is passionate and dedicated to providing you the best hearing experience and services which will definitely help to improve your quality of life, as well as enabling you to hear the sounds you love again. We offer the best range of hearing aids that are available in the market and we provide personalized hearing solutions that are suited to your individual hearing needs and lifestyle.

Hearing Diagnostic Tests

Before putting on hearing aids, hearing or audiometry tests are carried out first to determine one’s level of hearing loss. The most common form of hearing tests that are conducted at our centre are Pure Tone Audiometry and Tympanometry. The results of these tests will allow our audiologists to customize the hearing aids to suit your level of hearing.

For newborns, a different type of hearing test is conducted to determine if the baby has hearing loss. This test is also known as Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) and Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR).

Hearing Aid Services

After purchasing your hearing devices from us, we also provide follow-up hearing aid services such as hearing aid fitting, repairs, and adjustments. Real-ear measurements are also conducted sometimes to determine the effectiveness of one’s hearing aid treatment.

    • Real-Ear Measurements

      Real-Ear Measurements

      Our audiologists at The Hearing Centre provide facilities on ear measurements to verify the level of hearing aids used by the individuals.

    • Hearing Tests

      Hearing Tests

      At The Hearing Centre, we work closely with individuals to help them understand the type and degree of hearing problems they have and become a companion with them on the path towards better hearing.

    • Hearing Implants

      Hearing Implants

      Hearing implants, or Cochlear implants are small complex devices that enable individuals with hearing losses to hear the sounds around them.

    • Repairs & Adjustments

      Repairs & Adjustments

      At The Hearing Centre, we take utmost care of your hearing aids whether they have worn out or been exposed to any external environmental factor, physical damage or excessive wax.

    • Pure Tone Audiometry Test

      Pure Tone Audiometry Test

      Our audiologists at The Hearing Centre provide facilities on ear measurements to verify the level of hearing aids used by the individuals.

    • Tympanometry


      There are various reasons for hearing loss, such as bone growth, tumors, blockages, and injury, all of which Tympanometry can help detect.

    • ABR/ASSR


      ABR or Auditory Brainstem Response is a reliable hearing test that is significantly different from traditional auditory tests.