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ReSound Up Smart Hearing Aid Singapore

ReSound Up Smart is the first smart hearing aid intended for moderate to profound hearing impaired children. ReSound Up Smart is designed with built-in wireless chip platform SmartRangeTM for superior acquisition of language and learning skills during the developmental milestones. Advanced technologies of ReSound Up Smart amplifies the sound by providing high signal-to-noise ratio for superior sound quality.

To develop speech, language and learning skills, constant audibility of speech is vital, which could have profound implication in later-stage oral communication and social participation. If employed as an early intervention, the hearing impaired child can take complete advantage of this technology by acquiring the hearing, learning and language skills to communicate better with their family and friends. This novel technology offers the best way of listening and learning for kids including toddlers, preschoolers, older kids and teens.

ReSound Up Smart is the first-for-kids, Made for iPhone hearing aid that can be directly streamed through iPhone, iPod and iPad. The users can learn from education apps, talk or chat with friends, stream media including listening of audios, on the go, directly from the smart phone.

How it works?

ReSound Up Smart provides clear, comfortable and consistent audibility by employing Surround Sound technology. The ReSound unite Mini microphone is equipped for direct streaming via smart phone, and also to achieve high signal to noise ratio, by which, it can positively influence the speech and language development of toddlers. For this age group, the ReSound Smart app let their parents to control the ReSound Unite accessories. In older age group children, customized version can be ordered based on individual preferences. ReSound Aventa fitting software provides pediatric fitting support and intuitive user interface to ReSound Up Smart users. As like other models, ReSound Up Smart is equipped with DFS Ultra II, wide dynamic range compression, Noise Tracker II, Sound Shaper, digital noise reduction, Binaural Environmental Optimizer II and Binaural Directionality. ReSound Up Smart is battery operated, which lasts longer. Together, the attractive and ergonomic design of ReSound Up Smart complies with all pediatric safety standards.

Some of the other available products of ReSound are:

ReSound Enya

  • Enjoy excellent sound quality and speech understanding with little effort
  • Wireless design with ReSound Control app to control sound settings and streaming the media
  • WindGuard and Adaptive Directionality to deliver crystal clear sound in a challenging noisy environment

ReSound LiNX2

  • Superior sound quality to experience vivid sense of hearing and speech with Surround Sound technology and New Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense and more on.
  • Made for iPhone with ReSound LiNX2 app perfectly blends with the user’s aesthetic lifestyle
  • Tinnitus support
  • For mild to profound hear loss individuals

ReSound ENZO2 Hearing Aid 

  • For severe to profound hearing loss individuals
  • Helps the users to hear the sound clearly, even in noisy environments.

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