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ReSound Hearing Aid Singapore

ReSound hearing aid is an assistive device for hearing impaired individuals that amplify the external sound signals for better hearing and listening.

ReSound hearing aid employs first-of-its-kind, advanced digital acoustic processing technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) for digital sound processing and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) to cut howling sounds and buzzing feedback distractions. Additionally, ReSound hearing aid has world’s first open-standard digital chip for flexibility in programming the instrument.

Who are we?

With corporate deep roots since 1943, ReSound stands as one of the leaders of hearing aid industry. ReSound headquarters is in Ballerup, close to the Danish capital. ReSound has a significant presence in more than 80 countries with a vast pool of scientific talents and industrial resources to translate the technology into the real world settings. ReSound belongs to GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest makers of audiological instruments.

ReSound’s deep understandings of sound processing and needs of hearing aid users, these technologies provide excellent hearing experience and superior sound qualities. As one of the global leaders in this arena. ReSound constantly strives to develop great hearing solutions that help the users to rediscover hearing, connect with the world around them and to lead a fulfilling life.

Visit “The Hearing Centre”, our hearing care professional can help you to choose from our wide range of hearing aids solution and accessories to match your lifestyle and the degree of hearing loss or your budget to enrich listening experiences in your everyday life.

What We Offer?

ReSound ENZO2

ReSound ENZO2 is the most powerful and discreetly-designed hearing aid to connect with the people around you, directly stream from smartphone and to customize the ways of hearing experience.

ReSound ENZO2 is Made for iPhone that allows the users to stream music and phone calls directly from the smartphone device. If the user does not own an iPhone, still they can stream by syncing Phone Clip+ with any Android smartphone and other Bluetooth devices. ReSound ENZO2 is now available in ten different colors to suit the user’s preference

ReSound Enya

ReSound Enya is a wireless, discreet, durably-designed ReSound hearing aid that delivers excellent sound quality for listening and speaking phone calls, thanks to the advanced features. ReSound Enya comes with WindGuard to reduce the wind noise, and adaptive directionality to understand and identify the speech in challenging environments.

ReSound Enya helps the users’ to enjoy the vivid sense of crystal clear listening with less effort.


ReSound LiNX2

ReSound LiNX2 offers the comfort and benefits of smart hearing that suits with your aesthetic lifestyle. With Surround Sound, the user can enjoy superior sound quality and listening comfort. ReSound LiNX2 is designed with New Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense helps the users listen to the phone calls with less effort and also helps the users to understand/know the origin of the sound signals, even in challenging noisy environment.

ReSound LiNX2 app provides the comfort of direct streaming of phone calls and media in the hearing device.

ReSound Up Smart Hearing Aid

ReSound Up Smart is the first smart hearing for hearing impaired children to help them to acquire speech and language skills at every stage of developmental milestones. Early use of ReSound Up Smart hearing aid can help the kid to achieve these skills rapidly, and let them communicate better with their parents and peers.

ReSound Up Smart hearing aid is intended for mild to profound hearing loss kids.


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