ReSound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound: Setting Standards In The Hearing Aid Industry

A Pioneering Brand That Has Set Benchmarks With Its Cutting Edge Hearing Technology!

ReSound Hearing Aids: The History Behind

GN Resound, one of the world’s largest hearing aid brand was established in 1943. The company holds its expertise in the science of audiology and develops products that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of its users! Their relentless innovations have allowed the brand to come up with never-before Smart Hearing technology whereby people with hearing loss can communicate and connect with their loved ones again.

The company has brought some of the ground-breaking inventions of the era that includes: the launch of hearing aids for iPhone users that directly lets them stream audio from their iOS device, the release of hearing aid with fine-tuning capabilities via the cloud, the release of precisely engineered hearing aids with a protective nano-scale polymer and much more!

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound OMNIA

The Best Of ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound OMNIA is the latest hearing aid model from GN ReSound, designed to deliver an exceptional hearing experience. With advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, the ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are the best choice for those seeking a natural hearing experience. The ReSound OMNIA hearing aids utilize a unique microphone and receiver-in-ear design to deliver sound that is collected naturally. The microphones and receivers are discreetly placed in the ear canal, allowing for a comfortable fit and optimal sound collection. This innovative technology enables users to easily engage with others in any environment, even in noisy and challenging situations. Overall, the ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are a breakthrough in hearing aid technology, providing a natural and effortless hearing experience for all.


Key Advantages of ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aid:

  • Provides the best natural hearing experience.
  • Offers greater hearing in any environment.
  • Filters sound that’s important to you.
  • Gives the best one-on-one hearing experience.

ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aids: Key Features

ReSound Hearing Aids: A Fine Collection

Giving You A Never-Before Rich Hearing Experience

ReSound ONE Hearing Aid: RIE 62

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound ONE

To ensure the most optimal hearing experience, GN ReSound has developed their latest model of ReSound hearing aids – the ReSound ONE M&RIE hearing aid. These ReSound ONE hearing aids are the best for giving natural hearing experiences! M&RIE is an abbreviation used for Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear. Its one-of-a-kind architecture and the technology imbibed gives the most natural hearing experience ever offered by any hearing aid.

The duo of an additional microphone and receiver in your ear fits in your ear canal just comfortably and collects the sound which is intended to be collected naturally. This cutting edge technology utilizes the natural shape of your ears to collect and deliver sound. These top of the range ReSound ONE hearing aids allows one to engage effortlessly with others, listening at ease in noisy and challenging situations.

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound LiNX Quattro

These series of ReSound hearing aids have top rated sound quality and are able to detect speech precisely from all directions, allowing users to focus on conversations and hear their surroundings simultaneously. With the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids, low and high pitched sounds heard are more natural and crisp with lesser distortions. Its unparalleled range of Bluetooth Low Energy allows for direct streaming of audio to the ReSound hearing aids, providing a world class stereo experience which are compatible with a growing range of iOS and Android smartphones. The ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids also offer the best streaming experience in stereo compared to other premium hearing aids. They are highly customizable on the ReSound 3D app to allow for quick adjustments of sound and base setting of these hearing aids. ReSound Assist Live allows user to request assistance from hearing professionals to send new settings directly to users’ hearing aids without having to go down to a clinic. In addition, the application provides calming music to mask tinnitus and automatic location-based hearing for ultimate convenience. These ReSound hearing aids are small, discreet and have a long battery life of about 24-30 hours per full charge. The sleek, sturdy and intuitive charging case of the ReSound LINX Quattro hearing aids makes it user-friendly as well. These ReSound hearing aids are highly personalized with a variety of ear fitting and colours to choose from.

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound Enzo Q

ReSound Hearing Aid: ReSound Enzo Q

These ReSound Enzo Q hearing aids are the latest ReSound Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids that are suitable for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. These series of ReSound hearing aids provides crystal clear, comfortable and high-quality sounds. ReSound Enzo Q hearing aids are ideal for amplifying speech while automatically adjusting environmental and background noises to suitable levels for users. With these ReSound Enzo Q hearing aids, one can surely hear better in noise as these ReSound hearing aids allows you to follow group conversations and hear where sounds are coming from all around you, while focusing on speech and other sound details. These ReSound hearing aids utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 to connect directly to iOS and Android devices to stream phone calls, music or TV shows with the highest quality of stereo audio conveniently. Similar to the other ReSound hearing aids, the ReSound Enzo Q hearing aids can be personalized on the ReSound Smart 3D app on the phone to further strengthen users’ hearing experience. Furthermore, the ReSound Smart 3D app has ReSound Assist Live that allows user to schedule a video call with hearing care professionals to adjust the hearing aids remotely. Resound Enzo Q hearing aids are available in two different styles with a wide range of colours to select from.

ReSound Hearing Aid: Hearing Accessories

ReSound hearing aid accessories offer an even smoother hearing experience when used in conjuction with ReSound hearing aids. Pairing the ReSound accessories with the hearing aids allows for a more extensive hearing capability and clearer audio quality while making the adjustment of hearing aid settings even more seamless. The use of these additional accessories can help to provide users with a greater adaptation to noisier environments.

ReSound Hearing Aid: Hearing Accessories