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ReSound ENZO2 Hearing Aid Singapore

ReSound ENZO2 is a revolutionary, cutting-edge technology hearing aid, discreetly designed for individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. ReSound ENZO2 helps the users to hear the surrounding sound clearly, even in challenging noisy environments. ReSound ENZO2 comes with unrivalled wireless connectivity accessories to connect the smart phone with ReSound ENZO2 hearing aid, allowing the users to seamlessly stream music and other media, and also phone calls.

The notable feature of ReSound ENZO2 is Spatial Sense that helps the user to understand the origin of the sound, even if it is from the behind. The Binaural Environmental Optimizer II can classify and analyze the environmental sound and automatically adjust the voice and noise settings. Some of the other features of ReSound ENZO2 hearing aid are noise tracker II to cancel unwanted noise, Sound Shaper to improve audibility of speech cues, DFS Ultra II for rich sound, low-frequency boost etc.

ReSound ENZO2 is designed for flexibility fitting in a discreet manner, and it is coated with iSolate, an ultra-thin shield to protect the device from moisture, earwax and dust. ReSound ENZO2 is operated by super powerful 675 battery that lasts longer. If customized, small 13 battery model is also available with same benefits.

ReSound ENZO2 can be synced with the iPhone, iPod or iPad, enabling it to work like wireless headphone. This feature allows even a severe to profound hearing impaired individual to use FaceTime video calls as well as phone calls. If the user does not have an iPhone, still they can enjoy music and speak/listen the phone calls by using ReSound’s Phone Clip+, which can be synced with any Android smart phone or other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

The ReSound Smart app supports the users to adjust volume and fine tune the hearing sound quality, even in challenging noisy situations. ReSound users can find the misplaced hearing aid, control the wireless accessories and geo-tag the favorite programmes, without touching the hearing aid device. The app is now available for Apple Watch.

Other available products of ReSound are:

ReSound Enya

  • Enjoy excellent sound quality and speech understanding with little effort
  • Wirelessly designed ReSound Control app let the user to control sound and stream the media
  • WindGuard and Adaptive Directionality delivers crystal clear sound in a challenging noisy environment

ReSound LiNX2

  • Superior sound quality to experience vivid sense of hearing and speech via Surround Sound technology and New Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense and more on.
  • Made for iPhone with ReSound LiNX2 app perfectly suits for the user’s aesthetic lifestyle
  • Tinnitus support
  • For mild to profound hear loss individuals

ReSound Up Smart Hearing Aid Singapore

  • First smart hearing aid for hearing loss kids
  • Early intervention can be helpful to acquire and develop language and speech skills for better communication
  • Wireless design with advanced technologies such as Surround Sound for noise cancellation
  • Can be controlled by iPhone, iPad and iPod

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