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ReSound Enya Hearing Aid Singapore

ReSound Enya is designed with proprietary wireless technology for superior quality voice/hearing, suitable for moderately active lifestyle users. ReSound Enya users can enjoy comfortable, clear speech listening in the outdoor and indoor environments, and thanks to its discreet design. The wireless technology of ReSound Enya enables the users to directly control the audio streaming via ReSound Control app and ReSound Phone Clip+.

The RIE and BTE designs of ReSound Enya employ the SureFit system that discreetly fits into the ear canal. This helps the users to enjoy all-day wearing and listening comfort with better acoustic fit, easy locking system with maximum output. ReSound Enya is durable with iSolate nanotechnology protection from moisture, earwax and dust.

Some of the main features of Enya are adaptive directionality, adaptive directionality and WindGuard to cancel out loud sounds for better focus on listening/speech, noise tracker II to reduce unwanted noise without affecting speech signal, DFS Ultra II for optimization and cancellation of feedback and Comfort Phone™ for automatic detection of phone proximity and switching on for hearing, while simultaneous reduction of volume in the another ear.

ReSound Enya has inbuilt ReSound Relief app, which is a tinnitus sound generator to relieve tinnitus symptom. This sound therapy diverts the user from ear ringing symptoms and provides relief. This multisensory app comes with a streaming guided relaxation exercises, soothing sounds with flexibility to import sounds.

Resound Enya 2

  • Suitable for hearing in less noisy situations by intelligent enhancement of speech signals
  • A great tinnitus sound therapy option
  • Comfort of volume control via smart phone
  • Discreet design and available in a variety of colors to meet sociable lifestyle

ReSound Enya 3

  • Suitable for moderate listening situations
  • By adaptive directionality, the device reduce loud sounds from noise sources for vivid listening
  • RIE and Mini BTE options
  • Tinnitus sound therapy management

ReSound Enya 4

  • Suitable for use in challenging noisy and windy environments
  • Equipped with advanced technologies to cancel loud, distracting sounds, while boosting the speech and listening comfort
  • Ear-to-ear communication for easier control and use of phone calls
  • Built-in tinnitus generator

Not sure, which one fits for you? Don’t worry, our expert audiologist will talk to you about the types, how it could help you to listen in this noisy world, and help to choose the right one!

Some of the other products of ReSound are:

ReSound LiNX2

  • Superior sound quality to experience vivid sense of hearing and speech with Surround Sound technology and New Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense and more on.
  • Made for iPhone with ReSound LiNX2 app perfectly blends with the user’s aesthetic lifestyle
  • Tinnitus support
  • For mild to profound hear loss individuals

ReSound ENZO2 Hearing Aid

  • For severe to profound hearing loss individuals
  • Helps the users to hear the sound clearly, even in noisy environments.

ReSound Up Smart Hearing Aid Singapore

  • First-of-its-kind smart hearing aid for hearing impaired children
  • Built with advanced technological features such as Surround Sound to acquire and develop speech and language skills in children

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