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Phonak Hearing Aid Singapore

Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, is one of the established manufacturers of hearing aid devices and solutions around the world. Based in Switzerland, the company maintains a presence in different parts of the world, Singapore included to provide the market with dependable hearing aid solutions that work.

The ability to hear is an integral part of our daily life and hearing loss drastically reduces our ability to understand speech. Hearing loss can creep up gradually without you realising it, some of the sounds remain audible while others become softer or harder to hear in our process of aging or environmental causes.  Developed by the Swiss manufacturer, Phonak hearing aids is the world’s leading innovator in hearing technology.  Our decades of expertise have led us to produce hearing aid that provides you with a seamless integration of listening experience even in a challenging environments.  Phonak hearing aids products comes with a host of comfort features that can be program to meet individual needs and expectation.

With today’s technology, Phonak hearing aids have made speech understanding and enjoyable to keep you connected with your loves one and friends. Phonak products ensure the finest in performance and reliability to bring you back the sound of life.

Visit “The Hearing Centre”, our hearing care professional can help you to choose from our wide range of hearing aids solution and accessories to match your lifestyle and the degree of hearing loss or your budget to enrich listening experiences in your everyday life.

Different Phonak Hearing Aids for Different Hearing Requirements

Phonak hearing aids are powered by a modern operating system to deliver improved speech understanding and quality sound perception even. Although all hearing aids share the same state-of-the-art operating system, each hearing aid will appeal to individual requirements and style. The Audéo V from Phonak is designed to promote better speech understanding, and is self-adjusting depending on the listening environment. This Phonak hearing aid works best for socially active individuals who tend to work with different people, in varying environments. And for those who are looking for a discrete hearing aid, Phonak’s Virto V will be perfect, delivering great hearing in a very small package. For children, the Sky V from Phonak will allow our little ones to be able to better explore and hear their surroundings.

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Durable, Water-Resistant Hearing Aids

For everyday use, Phonak Baseo X is the best choice. Powered by Quest technology, this hearing aid is programmable, and can work in changing weather conditions. The Phonak Bolero is another professional solution that can easily resist dust and water. The Bolero hearing aids will automatically adapt to the environment to provide a dependable listening task.

Quality Hearing Aids for Profound Hearing Loss

Phonak is also known to provide a line of hearing aids that can work for individuals with serious hearing loss. Naída V is the best hearing aid device for some with severe hearing loss. It helps boost the audability of sounds, thus allowing the user to listen with clarity. Phonak understands the different needs of individuals, thus the release of a sensitive line-up of hearing aids for appeal to a diverse set of customers. Contact us today for a hearing test, or to order professional Phonak hearing aids and accessories.