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Signia Orion 

The Signia Orion 2 receiver-in-canal is a convenient hearing aid that provides a great hearing experience in all situations. The device will improve the speech understanding in noisy listening situations because it has an inbuilt automatic adaptive directional microphone.

It also has wireless and remote controlled options that will let you manage the device easily and comes in two versions: one that uses battery size 10 and the other that use battery size 312.

Mentioned below are additional benefits of the Siemens Orion 2 receiver-in-canal hearing aids.

Orion RIC10

Orion RIC312

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Benefits Of Signia Orion 2 Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids


The device is ergonomic and will comfortably fit all users


It is resistant to dust, dirt, sweat, and moisture


Both left and right hearing devices work together


It is extremely easy to control the functions of the device – you can adjust the hearing settings as per your choice within seconds


The tinnitus masker feature will improve your hearing as it will reduce the buzzing and ringing sounds in the ears, while the feedback cancellation feature will relieve you from whistling noises


You can use the touchControl App in your smartphone for manually adjusting the control of the device

If you are looking for hearing aids that will reduce the sound from other directions and let you hear comfortably, then the Signia Orion 2 receiver-in-canal hearing aids will be perfect for you.