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Signia Orion

If you want to stay well connected with your family, friends, and colleagues, then the Signia Orion 2 in-the-ear will be the perfect hearing aids for you. These devices will let you hear the sound, exactly as you wish, and are built to be robust.

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Features Of Signia Orion 2 In-The-Ear Hearing Aids


The device is durable and can provide reliable performance for a long period of time


The hearing aids have nanocoated housing that keeps it free from sweat, dirt, and moisture, with protective membranes to save the microphones from dust and humidity


Its ergonomic and discreet design will protect you from injuries and provide a comfortable fit


Its inbuilt adaptive directional microphone will make sure that you are able to hear clearly even in difficult situations while the wireless connectivity of the device makes audio streaming easy


Controlling the instrument is super easy and convenient – you can adjust the hearing settings of the device as per your convenience


The left side and the right side of the hearing devices work together, so that you can hear clearly, while you won’t get any kind of whistling or buzzing sounds because of the Tinnitus masker and feedback cancellation feature

So, use the Signia Orion 2 in-the-ear hearing aids that will let you make adjustments to the device through the touch Control App on your mobile phones.

Intuis 2 In-The-Ear

Intuis 2 In-The-Canal

Intuis 2 Completely-In-Canal