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Signia Orion 

The Signia Orion 2 behind-the-ear hearing aids are small devices that will keep you connected to your loved ones. It is a smart and convenient device that will let you savor every moment of life, being an extremely small device that can be well-hidden behind the ears and ergonomically designed to make the device fit comfortably.

It also has an automatic and adaptive directional microphone, allowing you to hear in noisy listening situations and enabling you to be able to concentrate while reducing sounds from other directions. Other features of the Signia Orion hearing aid are listed below.

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Features Of Signia Orion 2 Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids


Its feedback cancellation feature will reduce the whistling noises in the ears while the Tinnitus Masker will reduce the buzzing sounds to let you hear better


Its wireless connectivity will let you stream audios through the easy Tek


Controlling it is easy and convenient: you can adjust the device as per your preference and the remote control option in the device will enable you to make adjustments manually through the touchControl App on your smartphone

So, use the Signia Orion behind-the-ear devices to have a great hearing experience that will suit your listening preferences.