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Phonak Naida Singapore

Sometimes, the best products come in small packages. Phonak Nadia and Nadia V are smaller in construction compared to other hearing aids in the market, but these products deliver the biggest help for persons with hearing-related concerns.

Smaller Device, Better Audio and Speech Perception

Thanks to the use of SoundRecover 2, Phonak Nadia allows its users to appreciate the nuances of sounds and speech, promoting a quality listening experience. Also, using this hearing aid will result to more audible sounds, thus allowing you to pick-up sounds and conversations that you normally have a hard time processing.

Design and construction-wise, the Phonak Nadia is better and much improved. Its smaller size allows you to fit this in small devices, and water-resistant too making this a reliable outdoor partner.

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Better Speech Understanding Even in the Noisiest Environments

Users reported an improvement in speech understanding even when faced with a noisy environment. This is made possible by the use of Roger technology, effectively improving speech understanding up to 62 percent.

Better listening, increased speech volume all in one small and hip device. Phonak Nadia is definitely a personal and professional choice that delivers high performance to meet varying listening conditions.


Phonak Naída V-RIC

Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

Phonak Naída V-SP

Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak Naída V-UP

Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak Nadia is available in three models- Naída V-RIC, a receiver in canal; Naída V-SP and Naída V-UP as behind-ear solutions.