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Westone Musicians Style 49 Singapore

The Westone Musicians Style 49 earpiece offers the ability to hear in a high-noise environment to a wide range of professionals such as musicians, DJs, waitresses and bartenders. The earpiece is a discrete canal-style earplug with user-changeable acoustic filters that come in a choice of 9, 15 or 25 dB ones.

Requiring ear impression to be made, the Style 49 is specially made and customized for the individual user to ensure a perfect fit in the ears.

With the Westone Musicians Style 49 earpieces, you get reliable hearing protection in your work environments, such as bars and pubs with loud music constantly blaring over the speakers at more than 80 decidels. So, contact us to choose the right filters you need with your Style 49 so that you can continue to hear clearly while still being protected from noise.

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