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Siemens Motion SX Singapore

The Siemens Motion SX is an IP67-rated hearing aid that is extremely user-friendly. It will keep you connected to everyone and will let you participate in social gatherings. The device will let you hear clearly even in noisy listening situations like parties and restaurants and you will feel independent and secured while using the device.

Manufactured by using the latest technology, the Motion SX is one of the best hearing aids made by Siemens. Below are the features of the Siemens Motion SX hearing aids.

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Features Of Siemens Motion SX Hearing Aids


It is a discreet device that will fit comfortable behind the ears and won’t get noticed by others


It is easy to handle the device and is resistant to moisture, perspiration, dirt, and dust


The hearing aid will not cause any kind of discomfort


The device is rechargeable so you won’t have to change its batteries every now-and-then


The device has a Bluetooth wireless technology that can connect to phones, MP3 players, and many more


The controls are easy to manage and can be customized as per your preference

Use the Siemens Motion SX and improve your physical well-being. You will surely be able to do much better in your job with this device.