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Siemens Motion SA Singapore

A perfect hearing aid for young adults, the Siemens Motion SA will allow the sound to stream straight into the child’s ears. The device is effective even in noisy areas like a classroom, a restaurant, or over a phone call, enabling the child to communicate more easily with family and friends.

Managing and handling the device is very easy: read on to find out more about the benefits of the Motion SA.

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Benefits Of Siemens Motion SA Hearing Aids


The device is extremely small in size and will be hardly visible behind the ear


The device is IP67-rated and is resistant to sweat, dirt, moisture, and dust


You can use the hearing aid with several accessories as it has a wireless connectivity


Motion SA offers optimized directionality so that you get a binaural hearing experience


The Tinnitus feature of the device will reduce the buzzing sounds in the ear


Motion SA has an integrated direct audio input that can function through the optional battery section

So, get ready for some real fun as the Siemens Motion SA hearing aid will enable your child to enjoy every second of his life.