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Signia Motion P 

An amazing hearing aid for kids, the Signia Motion P will keep them connected so that they will never miss hearing a thing. The device is absolutely safe for children to use, so you can make them wear it to school without any worries.

Signia has built the device with utmost care so that the lessons can be heard clearly by the child even if he sits near the window or at the last bench of the classroom. Some additional colours of the device are Candy Pink and Galactic Blue, so you can buy the best one for your child.

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Benefits Of Signia Motion P Hearing Aids


The instrument is safe and comfortable to use by the child


To let the teacher’s voice reach directly to the ear, there is a direct audio input feature that works with a digital FM system


The design of the device is apt for the child as it can comfortably fit behind the ear


It has a wireless connectivity so that you can use it with diverse accessories


The device is IP 67-rated, and it moisture-proof and dust-proof


The child-safe key lock and battery lock door will prevent unintentional changes to the device

So, let them discover the world and build a powerful foundation for language by making use of the Signia Motion P hearing aids.