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Siemens Motion M Singapore

The Siemens Motion M hearing aids have been specially manufactured for babies and kids. The devices have child-safe key locks and baby-safe battery doors so you can be assured that your baby will have a safe experience while using the aid. It is a slim device, and it fits comfortably behind the ears of the baby.

As the device has been manufactured by keeping babies in mind, so it is extremely comfortable and safe for them to use. Read on for more benefits provided by Motion M.

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Benefits Of Siemens Motion M Hearing Aids


The device is extremely durable and is resistant to dirt, moisture, perspiration, etc


You can prevent unintentional changes to the controls of the device by using its child-safe key lock


It has a baby-safe battery door lock


There is an optional audio shoe feature that works with digital FM systems, which lets the baby hear the sounds easily


You can use the device with numerous accessories as it has a wireless connectivity


The hearing aid is available in two colors; pink and blue: you can select the one that you prefer for your baby

So, give your child the access to sound with the wonderful Siemens Motion M hearing aids.