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siemens-hearing-aid-01The advancement of technology has simplified the lives of many. People are able to do things they never thought they could. One of these inventions is the hearing aid which has been a boon to the hearing impaired. But for this marvelous piece of invention, people suffering from hearing impairment could have never been able to hear the wonderful sounds in this world. However, there is always a scope for improvement in everything and one such improvement needed was a waterproof hearing aid. Thankfully companies like Siemens have paid heed to this requirement and designed a waterproof hearing aid – Aquaris.

Waterproof Hearing Aid – Why should you get one?

Hearing aids are expensive devices and delicate in nature. From Siemens hearing aids to all other brands, you will see that the price really varies a lot. One needs to be careful that they do not fall into water accidentally or get wet. Any amount of water trickling down the device is bound to damage its functionality. Even if one is extra cautious to not involve in any water based activities or go near water with a hearing aid on, there is always a chance of the hearing aid getting wet by sweat.

What if the wearer is an avid water sports lover?

It is really disheartening to stay away from a sport only to keep a device safe!

The Siemens Waterproof Hearing Aid – Advantages of Using a Waterproof Hearing Aid

Keeping all this in mind, Siemens waterproof hearing aid was designed. The hearing aid is sealed in a silicon waterproof case which prevents it from getting wet up to a depth of 3 meters under water.

  • You can now enjoy swimming with your hearing aid on and have streaming music on it through its wireless counterpart called the Minitek. Minitek is a Bluetooth remote which can stream music from any Bluetooth music player. It can also be connected to a Bluetooth microphone and you can pay close attention to an important lecture in a classroom.
  • Now you can step into the shower listening to music without bothering about removing your hearing aid.
  • The Siemens waterproof hearing aid is a behind-the-ear device. Sweat does not affect it at all and being shock-proof, people indulging in extreme sports are bound to love it.
  • Apart from being waterproof, most hearing aids are also dust-proof. This means those working in areas of dust and grime like construction workers, farmers – anybody! -can now use this hearing aid uninterrupted.

Use your waterproof device in a gym, shower or while swimming laps. You never need to bother about removing it repeatedly, thereby eliminating the risk of misplacing it or accidentally breaking it.

The waterproof device from Siemens – Aquaris – has a sealed battery compartment for replacing the batteries. The volume of the hearing aid is controlled automatically as per the hearing loss prevalent in the individual and the surrounding noise. However, there is also a provision to increase the volume manually through a remote.

So enjoy the splashes of water, listen to the ocean roar and swim like never before! The Siemens waterproof hearing aid is besides you – always letting you enjoy all that you always wanted to. Set aside your inhibitions and let your hearing aid bid good bye to water, dust and shocks.

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Listen to the Ocean’s Whisper in Your Ear with Aquaris – The Waterproof Hearing Aid
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Listen to the Ocean’s Whisper in Your Ear with Aquaris – The Waterproof Hearing Aid
The Siemens Aquaris hearing aid is a waterproof device that lets you comfortably your hearing.
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