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Signia Life Singapore

The Signia Life hearing aids provides outstanding sound quality and comfort to the user. The device is extremely small in size and can fit comfortable in the ear while its tiny form sits easily behind the ear without being noticed at all by others.

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Features Of Signia Life Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid


As the device is extremely small with an ergonomic design, it is very comfortable to use and will not cause any injuries to the user


It has transparent and flexible LifeTubes and LifeTips that can fit comfortably in the ears


It is a high-quality device that is available in 12 different colors, and you can select the one that blends well with your complexion


The device has an open fitting concept that will diminish the unpleasant sensations like the feeling of blocked ears


You can control the device effortlessly and can even connect it to various audio devices quickly like FM, television, etc. as it has a wireless connectivity


You will be able to hear comfortably through the device and without any buzzing or ringing sounds in the ears

Life with Earhook

Life with Lifetube

Get the Signia Life hearing aids for yourself and live a happy and content life!