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Signia Intuis 2

The Signia Intuis 2 in-the-ear hearing device provides a high level of hearing and comfort to the user. It can be customized as per your listening requirements so that it fits your ear perfectly.


The instrument can be tailor-made as per your preference, so be assured to receive a perfectly fit device that provides utmost comfort


It has been manufactured with unique technology that lets you customize the settings so that you get individual sound and without any disturbances


The vent in the device provides ventilation to the ears. It even enhances the comfort of wearing the device and listening through it

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The Signia Intuis 2 device is available in two additional models, which are the in-the-canal model and the completely-in-canal model. Depending on your preferences, you can select any model and gave a great hearing experience.

Here are additional remarkable benefits offered by Signia Intuis 2 in-the-ear device:

There won’t be any whistling noises or buzzing sounds disturbing you

You can easily switch between the settings in different listening situations with a few clicks

The volume can be adjusted instantly and manually

So, start using the Signia Intuis 2 in-the-ear hearing aid that allows you to make adjustments to the device easily and effortlessly.