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Signia Intuis 

The Signia Intuis 2 behind-the-ear device is a hassle-free hearing aid that will enable you to focus on the conversation. The device is available in several behind-the-ear models and you can pick the one that is perfect for you.

The device has been manufactured in such a way that it provides optimum comfort and avoids stress or injury: its discreet design will fit comfortable in the ear.

Other features that make the Intuis a very durable hearing aid are:


The rugged design enhances the life of the device and makes it extremely reliable


It has a nanocoated housing that offers unique protection from sweat, dirt, moisture, and dust


There are protective membranes in the microphones that save it from dirt and moisture

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The directional microphones will improve the speech understanding in noisy situations. This is possible as the device helps you to concentrate on the person talking to you and reduces the sounds that are arriving from other directions.

Additional features offered by the Signia Intuis 2 behind-the-ear device are:

You can adjust the settings of the device as per your choice
The controls of the device are convenient and easy to manage
You will not encounter any kind of whistling noises

So, start using the Signia Intuis 2 hearing aid that can be customized exactly to suit your listening needs