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Hearing Test Singapore

If you are facing difficulties in understanding people clearly during a conversation, then it is time for you to get a hearing test done. The Hearing Centre offers several hearing test facilities where you can get the hearing test done on a regular basis for early detection of hearing loss and effective treatment.

Signs & Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Look out for these signs and symptoms to determine if you need to schedule a hearing test:


You have difficulty in understanding the conversation between people or on a telephone

If you feel that the other person is constantly murmuring or speaking softly, this could indicate a hearing problem


You have difficulty in hearing in crowded areas

You may feel that the words of your partner are getting drowned out due to the background noise


You are unable to hear the television or radio and need to constantly increase its volume

This is a warning sign when other members of the family find the volume to be too loud


You get ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears

This is known as tinnitus that is generally caused due to prolonged exposure to loud noises

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Types Of Hearing Tests

Pure tone audiometry is the most common kind of hearing test that will evaluate and diagnose your hearing issues based on the frequencies you can hear. This is a standard hearing test that measures the bone and air conduction thresholds for each ear. This test is conducted in a noise-free room for a set of 8 different frequencies. You use a headphone during the test, which is connected to an audiometer. This will enable the audiologist to know your hearing sensitivity at various frequencies. The reports of the test are provided in an audiogram diagram. Depending on your hearing capabilities, the frequencies of the test are employed.

Besides audiometry tests, other hearing tests that can be performed include:

Auditory Brainstem Response or ABR tests

This test is for a patient who has difficulty or cannot respond appropriately during the test, such as for new born babies, toddlers, or adults who are unable to communicate what they are hearing

Tympanometry tests

This test checks for fluid in the middle ear and determines if there is any damage to the eardrum

Hearing tests for babies

In addition to the ABR test, hearing tests for babies also include Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), which checks for obstructions in and damage to the ear

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