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Pure Tone Audiometric test

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Detailed Hearing Tests for You and Your Loved Ones

As a pioneer in providing top-notch hearing care in Singapore, we care deeply for your hearing health. Hence, we think that it is extremely important for you to have your hearing checked as early as you can, by taking various hearing tests, so that you can open up a world full of wonderful hearing. On top of hearing tests, we will also provide you with a detailed explanation of your hearing test results and give you appropriate recommendations on what you should do to maintain or improve your hearing. The entire duration of an in-person hearing test is quick and should last only around 30 minutes. Rest assured that the hearing tests are completely painless!

When is A Good Time for You to Take A Hearing Test?

If you think you might be experiencing hearing loss, you should definitely schedule yourself for a hearing test so that the right treatment and hearing aid can be prescribed to you as soon as possible. Some early symptoms include having increased difficulty in comprehending others’ speech, especially in environments with background noise, as well as the reduced ability to make out what they are saying despite others around you being able to hear them clearly. It is always better late than never when it comes to rediscovering the happiness that clear hearing can provide you with!

What Type of Tests do We Offer?

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

A pure tone audiometry test (also known as an audiogram) is held in a very quiet or soundproof room while wearing a set of headphones connected to a machine called an audiometer. The audiometer will typically play a series of beeps and whistles of different pitches and frequencies, and you will have to indicate which ones you can hear by pressing a button or responding through an action such as raising your hand. This is the most common form of hearing test.

Speech Discrimination

In some cases, you may be asked to do a speech discrimination test, where you will have to repeat sentences played for you to hear in different volumes. This will determine how well you can hear speech and distinguish consonants; Those who have hearing loss often have trouble hearing certain consonants clearly.

Hearing Test for Babies (OAE/ABR/ASSR)

Most hospitals in Singapore do a newborn hearing screening before the baby goes home. If not done or if there is suspected hearing loss, our clinic offers various hearing tests for children.

One of these tests is called ABR, which is done while the child is asleep with wires (electrodes) attached to the scalp. This will record the brain’s responses to sounds and give an estimate of the child’s hearing whether it is normal or there is a hearing loss.

Tinnitus Matching Test

Similar to an audiometric test, sounds are presented to you to assess the frequency and loudness of your tinnitus. The test result will help your audiologist tailor-made a tinnitus management plan for your needs.

Enquire Now : 64742216

What Makes the Hearing Tests in The Hearing Centre Singapore Extra Special?

The Hearing Centre Singapore has been a pioneer in providing excellent hearing care for more than 20 years now. We take pride in the remarkable quality of service and hearing aid care we provide across all our 7 centres islandwide. This means that you can drop by any of the nearest outlet at your own convenience for your hearing tests.

We also have a team of certified audiologists who have over 20+ years of experience in providing expert hearing aid care and attending to patients who have mild to profound hearing loss. With this team of highly experienced and skilled audiologists, we walk you through the entire process of getting a hearing aid with the utmost warmth and care, from the diagnosis to fitting and after-sales service including repairs and adjustments.

In addition, we have our very own Audiometric Rooms and state-of-the-art equipments, which allow us to accurately map any potential hearing loss. Furthermore, our strong network ties with the manufacturers give us a competitive edge in providing the most affordable hearing aids and hearing care services. From diagnosis to providing hearing care solutions and post-hearing aid fitting care, The Hearing Centre provides an array of tailor-made solutions for you and your loved ones. At The Hearing Centre Singapore, we not only test your hearing abilities and pair you with the most suitable hearing aids, we CARE for your well-being and quality of life. Making sure that you and your loved ones can experience amazing hearing with excellent clarity is our top priority.

Hence, by choosing us as your go-to hearing care clinic, we can assure that you will only receive the best service with detailed consultations, that will most definitely leave you feeling immensely satisfied.

Introducing Our Friendly Head Audiologist: Iris Carreon

Iris is a professional clinical audiologist who has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Clinical Audiology. She has more than 10 years of experience working as a clinical audiologist in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore, where she has helped many patients of all ages, from children to elderlies to rekindle their joy for hearing.

Throughout her life as a senior clinical audiologist, what contributes to her excellent work attitude and keeps her constantly passionate is her joy of seeing the families of her patients being able to communicate effortlessly and happily, especially after every hearing aid fitting. Helping patients enhance their quality of life is definitely on her list of top priorities.

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Our Success Stories

4.8 Stars Rating on Google

5/5 Reviews on Facebook

A. Siva
A. Siva Read More
Excellent experience. Iris the Audiologist who attended to me is excellent with her professionalism, is very patient with answers to all the queries and came with recommendations suited to me. The quality of my life has been enhanced. I am glad I chose the Hearing Centre.
L. Wee
L. Wee Read More
Appreciate the warm and friendly welcome from Shirley each time I stepped into The Hearing Centre @ Lucky Plaza. Divya, the audiologist is unfailingly patient to explain and to answer queries. Really appreciate the loan of the hearing aids in the interim period as I waited for my new pair to be ready. Thank you!!
Christopher Goh
Christopher Goh Read More
I was really impressed with the highly professional service provided by Anitha.
She is warm, friendly, sincere, courteous, very patient and knowledgeable.
She made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole consultation process.
I’d strongly recommended her for all your hearing needs.

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Greatest Selection of Quality Hearing Aids in Singapore

As a pioneer in providing top-notch hearing care in Singapore, we are the authorized retailer and dispenser of leading and renowned hearing aid brands, such as Signia, Phonak, GN ReSound, and Starkey. As such, we offer the best hearing aids with the largest range of features, styles, and functions available. We provide solutions that are suitable for all types of hearing loss.

The Outstanding Brands We Carry

Phonak Hearing Aids
Signia hearing aids
resound hearing aids
GN ReSound
starkey hearing aids


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Why Choose The Hearing Centre?

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Most Trusted Hearing Care Provider
Since 1999

The Hearing Centre, Singapore

Free Hearing Test

The detailed test will be performed by a qualified Audiologist. You will receive accurate results to determine the type and level of your hearing loss, and also if a hearing aid is required.

Personalized Solutions

Not all hearing aids are equal. With a wide range of different functions and features (waterproofing, Bluetooth, ease of use), we can help you find one that is best suited for your lifestyle needs.

Special Promotions

We prioritize our customers’ needs and strive to make hearing aids affordable. With our unique promotions and offers, we will help you fully overcome hearing loss in both ears at an affordable cost.

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Why The Hearing Centre and not another hearing aid clinic?

The Hearing Centre Pte Ltd

  1. We recommend the right brands and types of hearing aids that is most suited to your hearing level and lifestyle
  2. Informative consultation with FREE and accurate hearing test
  3. Fitting & adjustment done by certified and experienced Audiologists

Other Hearing Aid Clinics

  1. Promote hearing aids for brands that they partner with
  2. Free consultation
  3. Basic fitting & adjustment done by consultants

Call Now : 64742216

Our Testimonials

Everyone has a voice and their experience to share! Listen to their stories to see how hearing aids have changed their lives for the better!

Lee Chor Kheng, client since 2018


(Excellent service with clear explanation. The senior hearing care consultant, Ms Brenda Fu, has an amazing portfolio of experience and is able to speak both English and Chinese fluently.)

– Lee Chor Kheng

Ms Margaret Ong, client since 2011

“My mum has been a client of The Hearing Centre since 2009. Although we bought our second pair of Hearing aids from another Centre , we were not satisfied with the service and quality. She insisted to go back to see Mr Poh at The Hearing Centre as he is experienced and patient to help her. Thank you Mr Poh for always being there for us.”

– Mrs Jane Lee

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Awards from Phonak
Our Achievements & Awards
Phonak hearing aids awards
Our Achievements & Awards
signia awards
Awards from Signia


Our Awards

  • Phonak Outstanding Business Partnership Award 2020

  • Phonak Best in Class for achieving Best Success Rate in Fitting and Best in Customer Satisfaction (2016, 2017, 2018)

  • Signia Outstanding Audiology Practice (2018, 2019)

  • Signia Trailblazer Award 2019

  • Siemens Quality Assurance 2012

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