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Hearing Aid Adjustments Singapore

Hearing aids help to improve your relationship with family and friends, allowing you to participate in social gatherings and to do better in your job. However, if the hearing aids are not properly adjusted for your specific hearing requirements, then you will find difficulty in using them as they will be less than fully effective. At The Hearing Centre, our experts can advice you about how to make adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your hearing aid.

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For first-time hearing aid users, here is some advice:


It will take time for you to get accustomed to the hearing aid being in your ear

it is a foreign object and you might feel discomfort in the beginning. However, within few days you will get used to it. If the discomfort persists for long then you consult our audiologists.


It will also take time for you to get accustomed to the sounds that you will hear through your hearing aid

Do not try wearing the hearing aid outside the house on the first day. Begin by getting comfortable to the various sounds in the house such as the voices of your family members and the sound of the television. If you are finding the sound to be too high or too low, then you can adjust them through the volume control of the device.


Several adjustments are available in different hearing aids such as volume control, and controls for eliminating buzzing sounds

As you keep using the hearing aid, you will get familiar with such adjustments and will be comfortable adjusting it to your personal preferences.

If you still need help, then contact our experts at The Hearing Centre who can advice you about the adjustments you can make to your hearing aid.