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Hearing Test Frequency Singapore

A hearing test that determines the sharpness of your hearing and the frequencies you can hear can help to determine whether you have hearing loss. There are tiny cells in our inner ears that let us hear sound and interpret it for the brains to comprehend. When the cells get damaged or dies, we won’t be able to hear properly.

With the frequency hearing test, the exact amount of damage that has been caused to the cells can be determined and thus whether the hearing loss is in the high or low frequencies.

Factors Affecting Our Ability To Hear Certain Frequencies

The normal human hearing can hear sound as high as up to 20,000 Hz, or Hertz, which is a unit to measure sound. As we grow older, our hearing range reduces: this is normal for all adults. However, there are other factors that can reduce our high frequency hearing even further. Some of these factors are:


Exposure to loud noises for a prolonged duration


Noise in work areas like the sound emitted from machinery


Working at construction sites


Exposure to the firing of military weaponry


Hearing loud music at parties or at home


Using headphones and ear plugs for a longer duration of time and at high volumes

All of the above factors can destroy the tiny cells in the ear and cause hearing loss; once the cells are destroyed, there are no chances of getting cured. The only way to treat high frequency hearing loss is by using hearing aids.

As for low frequency hearing loss, this can be caused by disease or genetic heredity: some babies may be born with a genetic problem that destroys the tiny cells in the ear. Once again, hearing aids will help with low frequency hearing loss, with special hearing aids available for babies, which can be use effortlessly.

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