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Westone ES50 Singapore

Westone delivers for musicians and music professionals who need a high-quality in-ear monitor. The Westone ES50 features five finely tuned armature drivers that can bring detailed and smooth sounds, making music-making a soulful experience.

Aside from a balanced armature for distinct sounds, the Westone ES50 is also backed by other industry-leading technologies that make the brand a leader when it comes to in-ear monitors in the music industry.

Custom-Fit Design For Comfortable Use

Using the brand’s custom-fit technology, each Westone ES50 is cast, sculpted and hand-polished to precision to deliver a good looking in-ear monitor that fits naturally. And thanks to its snug fitting, you get to experience only the sounds that matter.

A combination of flexible materials and modern technology helps create a high-quality in-ear monitor that is not only hip but also durable and dependable.


Its material is highly flexible, allowing this semi-soft in-ear monitor to easily fit into the ear canal


The material will also soften when heated by body temperature, providing a better fit as you use it


Although the material is highly flexible, each unit is durable since the housing has been cold-poured

More Natural And Pronounced Sounds Thanks To Dual Bore Technology

Each unit features a Dual Bore technology, where low and high frequency sounds are facilitated through separate routes, but received as one sound by your ears. With this technology, sounds are perceived naturally, and changes in between frequencies are more streamlined. The unit also comes with an Epic cable, fully replaceable anytime.

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