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Westone ES30 Singapore

A genuine three-driver system best for the audiophile in you. Westone ES360 is backed by a three-driver system, with sensitivity of 124 dB SPL @ 1 mW, making this an ideal solution for musicians and audiophiles who need silky and smooth sounds in different frequencies.

Flexible and Tough Construction Design in Every Westone ES30

Westone paid attention to the design and construction of the Westone ES30, thus creating an in-ear monitor that comfortably fits and lasts longer. The key is found in the choice of materials and the use of custom-fit construction technology:


Resilient and thicker housing, thanks to a cold-pouring approach in acrylic, which translates to a durable housing and a an attractive-looking in-ear accessory


Hand polished and sculpted from the actual impressions of your earns to ensure perfect fit


No need to worry about the size or fit since the material reacts to body temperature, making it flexible when inserted into the earpiece canal


All of theĀ aboveĀ results in a quality, highly flexible hearing solution that promotes an effective seal

Dual Bore And Balanced Armature

With a balanced armature, the Westone ES30 is considered efficient than the traditional driver. It also covers and enhances the frequency range much confidently compared to other in-ear monitors. A dual bore design also promotes better transition in between frequencies. Sounds at different frequencies travel through different passages, but received as one.

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