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Westone ES20 Singapore

Striking the balance between price and full sound. The Westone ES20 is a cost-efficient solution for music lovers and industry practitioners who looking for a balanced sound, and an in-ear monitor crafted with durability in mind.

Powered by two drivers, the Westone ES20 is backed by the same standards that defined the Elite Series ES musician in-ear monitors. Thanks to its dual drivers and ES technology, users can count on pronounced low and high frequencies, balanced sounds without the high price.

Better Fit, Flexible Construction Assured

As part of the Westone series of in-ear monitors, the Westone ES20 promises a comfortable fit inside the ear canal, thanks to:


Adoption of a custom-fit technology by Westone – each unit is approached individually, sculpted from the impressions of your ears, and polished by hand to get that desired look


Its housing is a product of a cold-pour acrylic manufacturing approach, thus creating a housing that’s thick and durable


The end product is semi-soft that reacts to body temperature, thus it will easily soften when inserted into the ears


Because it fits just right, the Westone ES20 in-ear monitors provides a better auditory seal

Convincing And Smooth Movement In Different Frequencies

Expect a streamlined and smooth transition in between frequencies thanks to a balanced armature and the use of dual bore technology. Completely made in the USA, the Westone ES20 delivers solid sounds across frequencies.

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