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Westone ES10 Singapore

Quality Westone in-ear monitor for the budget-conscious. Offering a full-range and balanced armature, the Westone ES10 delivers the same Westone trademark quality at a friendly price. The ES10 is designed and manufactured using the same standards and technologies used for the Westone Elite Series ES collection of in-ear monitors.

It also features 25 dB noise reduction capability to ensure quality streaming of sound. Thanks to this quality standards, high sound quality can be expected from the single driver, without the high cost.

Fits Right for Improved Comfort

Each Westone ES10 is made to exact standards:


Sculpted from the ears’ impressions to come up with a comfortable in-ear accessory


Thanks to the use of the company’s custom-fit technology, this in-ear accessory provides a dependable acoustic seal for improved performance


The material is semi-soft and will react to the body temperature, thus making it easier for you to insert the piece in the ear canal

Handcrafted In The USA

Aside from its reliable performance, each Westone ES10 is known for its excellent craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted by artisans based in Westone headquarters in the United States to ensure commitment to the brand’s quality standards. Also, each unit comes with an Epic cable that helps promote the production of quality acoustics.

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