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Custom Molded Earplug Singapore

Custom molded earplugs are especially designed to fit an individual’s ear canal. As it is manufactured specifically for a single person, it is a bit costlier than the traditional ear molds. However, the customized earplugs can reduce the discomfort considerably as they will fit perfectly in your ears.

This will let you use the earplugs for a longer duration without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Custom molded earplugs made by the professionals at The Hearing Centre will provide complete protection to your ears and enhance the performance.

The molded earplugs are typically made of silicone and will require an ear impression to be done to capture the contours of the inside of your ear. The shape of your ear changes when you are in different positions such as standing and sleeping. Thus, you are recommended to get an ear impression done during the time and body position for when you will most likely be using the earplugs.

This will help you to get the perfect earplug that fits your ear canals accurately.

Three Types Available

There are three kinds of silicone earplugs available and you can select any one of them depending on your choice:


Hard molded silicone

These earplugs are permanently shaped to fit your ear canal. If you are using them during sleep, then they may be a bit uncomfortable due to their hardness. In addition, they will put a lot of pressure on the ear when you sleep in a sideways position.


Non-reusable silicone

These earplugs have to be disposed off after a single use. They can be kneaded easily according to the shape of your ear canals


Moldable and reusable silicone

These are soft and comfortable to use. However, you need to clean them properly and regularly as dirt could stick to them easily

Among these three types, the moldable silicone earplugs are the most comfortable and easy to use. Contact our experts at The Hearing Centre to find out more about getting custom molded earplugs made for you.

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