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Ear Impression Singapore

There are several kinds of hearing aids available in the market, some of which require custom ear molds for a perfect fit in your ear. An ear mold is made from an impression taken of your outer ear, helping to ensure that the ear mold fits your ear comfortably.

The Hearing Centre understands the importance of high quality ear impressions, which are performed by our ear experts.

Ear Impressions Done By Professionals

Some firms offer impression kit for sale so that you can take the ear impression by yourself and get the ear mold prepared with the help of an audiologist. However, there are risks involved in taking your own ear impression. Moreover, the entire hearing aid ear mold will become useless if the ear impression was not made correctly. Thus, it is highly advisable that you get it done through a professional at The Hearing Centre. An audiologist will be able to provide accurate results and produce an ear impression that is of the highest quality.

Having an ear impression made is an easy task: it just requires about 15-20 minutes to complete. Once the impression has been taken, it will be sent to the hearing aid manufacturer so that they can create a custom ear mold for you. And within a few days, your hearing aid will be ready and you will get to enjoy good hearing and listening.

Get an ear impression done by our experts at The Hearing Centre, where can also recommend to you the best hearing tests and hearing aids.

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