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Weston E-Scope II BTE Model With Specialist Bell And Diaphragm Singapore

Made to assist medical professionals who use hearing aids, the Westone e-Scope II amplified stethoscope can make heart and breath sounds 30 times louder than with traditional stethoscopes, made with having advanced technologies that magnifies sounds to assist hearing-impaired individuals.

Adaptable E-Scope II Stethoscope

With this variant of the E-Scope II stethoscope, you can:


Couple it to your BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids via single or dual direct audio cables, or single or dual telecoil silhouettes


Use the E-Scope II with large “muff-style” headphones that fit over your BTE device

Whatever connection you use, the highly adaptable E-Scope II is the amplified stethoscope you need for your medical profession.

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