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Westone E-Scope II Amplified Stethoscope Singapore

Westone’s E-Scope II amplified stethoscope is designed to assist hearing aid users with its advanced circuitry that amplifies heart and breath sounds through the instrument, providing up to 30 times the volume above that of acoustic stethoscopes.

Adaptable E-Scope II Stethoscope


The E-Scope II comes with mini headphones or without mini headphones


Highly adaptable: with the amplified stethoscope, you can attach a pair of headphones that can be worn directly over your hearing aid


Alternatively, choose to connect the E-Scope II directly to your behind-the-ear device or cochlear implant

The Westone E-Scope II Amplified Stethoscope helps medical professional to continue to help their patients. Contact us to find out more about the E-Scope II.

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