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Custom Ear Mold Singapore

Hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is regularly expose in a high-noise environment, construction workers, production workers, pilots, musicians or consistent expose to field noise. 

Ear molds come in a wide ranges of sizes and types to suit individual needs. The most popular styles are full shell and half shell, your audiologist recommendation is important to help you for your customization fit. 

  • Full shell ear molds are generally for high-level noise exposure and
  • Half shell are for mid-level noise exposure. 

Some ear molds are design with a filtered attenuator, allowing for verbal communication and yet protecting hearing and is very popular with musicians and singers. 

If you are already suffering from hearing loss and are using hearing aids then you should use custom-fit ear molds. These ear molds will enhance the performance of the hearing aid and provide utmost comfort.  At “The Hearing Centre” we provide you with your own custom ear molds, coupled with the quality hearing tests performed by our experts.

Ear molds are typically made up of acrylic, plastic, or any other soft material that can be shaped easily to fit the ear canal and its surrounding areas. You can select the right ear mold you need depending on the level of hearing loss and the type of hearing aids that you use. Most users prefer using the ear molds that can sit hidden inside the ear canal.

Designed Especially For You

Our professionals can design custom ear molds as per your preferences, so that you can use them comfortably. We will take an impression of your ear canal and the area of the outer ear. The impression is done using a silicone-like substance that sets quickly, which are used to then create the ear molds that fit exactly into your ear.

There are several types of ear molds available and you can select any one of them among those mentioned below:


Skeleton ear molds


Semi-skeleton ear molds


Full shell ear molds


Half shell ear molds


Canal ear molds

Protection From Hearing Loss

Individuals who do not suffer from hearing loss can also use custom ear molds. These molds prevent damage to the ear due to loud activities. In addition, phone conversations become simpler when you use custom ear molds for Bluetooth devices. You can even use ear molds with your MP3 player and listen to your favorite music tracks while on the move.

If you are planning to buy a custom ear mold then check out the ear molds you can get from The Hearing Centre: you will surely find the right one that suits your needs.

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