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Westone CR10 Singapore

For the music lovers who want a premium stereo earbuds that work. With the Westone CR10, the music enthusiast in you now have a reason to replace the stock earbuds in favor of a high-quality in-ear accessory, backed by Westone’s tradition of excellence. This is recommended for active individuals who work and play in a variety of environments.

Whether you are exercising, traveling or involved in motorsports, the Westone CR10 delivers the best sound, and isolate the noises with confidence. At the core of the design and technology of the Westone CR10 is a collection of premium drivers. The unit comes complete with a 50-inch black cable and the 3.55 mm stereo plug, and can work with different audio devices.

Comfortable Fit, Promotes the Best Acoustic Seal


Designed using the same quality and standards used in making premium Westone in-ear products and accessories


Sculpted and polished by hand, thus creating a aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable premium earbuds


Passed through the stringent quality of requirements of artisans based in the United States, making this accessory a proud US-made product

More Efficient than Your Average Dynamic Driver

What makes it more efficient is the use of a balanced armature, a signature trademark in all Westone in-ear products. It allows the production of pronounced sonic details covering a much wider frequency range.

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