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Siemens Carat Singapore

Siemens has manufactured another excellent hearing aid, the Carat. This device will let you hear better as compared to people with normal hearing abilities, especially in parties. It is equipped with a housing that will help you to wear the instrument comfortably.

The Siemens Carat is available in two models so that it can meet everyone’s needs and preferences. The Carat model is the rechargeable ones while the Carat ‘A’ models are DAI-ready for the optional battery drawer that has a connector for direct audio input.

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Features Provided By Siemens Carat Hearing Aid

The device will provide you with a superior binaural listening experience

You can control the device conveniently as it has a wireless connectivity

The Tinnitus Noiser will help you to manage the ringing noise in the ears

You will be able to focus on the conversations easily as it has directional microphones

The Carat models are rechargeable and they can be charged without any hassles

The Carat A models are Direct Audio Input ready, which can connect to FM systems easily

The instrument is discreet, compact, and easy to handle