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Phonak Baseo Singapore

Hearing aids and in-ear equipment and accessories have changed and improved dramatically through the years. Gone are the days when hearing loss is something that should be a cause for alarm and shame. Today, hearing loss has a stylish and responsive solution in the form of Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak hearing aids are available in different designs, sizes with varying features, but with one focus – to help you win the battle against hearing loss.

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Phonak Baseo is one option available under the Phonak brand line-up. It includes the Phonak Baseo Q, an entry-level hearing aid solution for mild hearing losses, available in three performance levels. The Baseo Q10 in two models, M and SO, Baseo Q5 powered by Quest Platform, and there’s the Phonak Baseo Q, available in an attractive housing and offers the individual with better sound quality.

Phonak Baseo Q-M

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak Baseo Q-P

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak Baseo Q-SP

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

All Phonak Baseo hearing aids are powered by the same technologies that made other Phonak products a leader in their segments. The hearing aids are fitted with Phonak Quest platform, Phonak Target software, a fixed directional microphone that lets you understand speech clearly even in noisy listening environments and the WhistleBlock technology. With this technology, feedback is canceled thus promoting audability, without the usual whistles.