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Audiometry Singapore

Audiometry is a type of hearing test that is performed with the help of an audiometer. With this test, the audiologist will be able to diagnose whether you have hearing loss or any other problem with the ear.

Types Of Audiometry Tests

There are several hearing tests that you could take to know the exact degree of hearing loss. Some of these tests are:

Pure tone air conduction audiometry

In this test, you need to listen to various beeps and whistles, and to press a button as soon as you hear them. The softest sounds that you are able to hear will be marked on a graph called an audiogram.


Pure tone bone conduction audiometry

This is a perfect test to know the exact area in the ear where the hearing problem lies. Usually hearing loss that is in the middle ear can be medically treated. However, if the hearing loss of the person is in the inner ear then it is likely a permanent hearing problem that can be resolved with hearing aids.


Speech audiometry

During this test, you need to repeat few words in a quiet and noisy atmosphere. The audiologist will keep a watch on your speech and understand the affect of hearing loss.

Once these tests are done, the audiologist will be able to determine whether you require hearing aids or other treatments. So, get in touch with our professionals at The Hearing Centre when you need an audiometry or other hearing test done.

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