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Phonak Audeo Singapore

With Phonak Audeo, you no longer need to regularly update the settings of the hearing aid just to maximize the listening environment. Intelligently designed, it automatically adjusts the settings so you can easily perceive the sounds and confidently join in the conversations.

Whether you are attending a seminar, watching a play or inside a cab talking to a friend, the Phonak Audeo lets you listen to the music and catch the conversations, thanks to a tested noise reduction capability of this Audeo hearing aid. Users reported up to 37 percent reduction in noises when conversing inside a moving car.


Phonak Audéo V-10

Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

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Phonak Audéo V-312

Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

With a self-adjusting capability and tested technology in noise reduction, conversations become clear productive and engaging. The design of the Audeo hearing aid focuses on speech understanding, reduction of noise and ease of use, thus creating an in-ear accessory that responds to the needs of the individual in any listening environment.

The Phonak Audeo hearing aid is powered by an industry-leading operating system so it can detect the kind of environment you are in, and respond appropriately to provide you with clarity in listening and understanding. Just like other Phonak products, the Audeo transmit the speech and sounds to both ears, as if the hearing aid is conversing with one another, to provide you with a clear and crisp listening environment.

Phonak Audéo V-13

Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid